26 Engines. With 26 engines ranging between search, job, reference, how to, medical, media, and social categories, you really do have a plethora of    options targeted specifically to what you are looking for. We’ve got you covered on dictionaries, encyclopedias, math, health, trending topics and more. You can even use our Web URL engine and use Flex Search as a web browser!

Actions at your fingertips. Find In Page - Instantly find what you are looking for with simple word highlighting. Mobile View - Turn any page into a mobile-friendly format. Share - Share the link to Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Text Size - Quickly adjust small text to be your preferred text size. Press the “1” to revert to 100%.

Autocomplete. Voice Recognition. History. Free online voice recognition, on-the-fly autocomplete and history are just a few of the many extra features packed inside Flex Search. Many more tips and tricks are for you to discover.

Tips and Tricks

Hold the search handle button

to go to the engine selection as well as access history, settings, etc.

Triple tap web view

to access ad blocking shortcuts like manual blocking and auto blocking toggling.

Tap the "1" button

in the action menu to reset the text zoom to 100%.

Speech Recognition

Stops automatically when no more sound is detected.

Hold down links

to open in new tab, copy location, share, etc.

Asynchronous autocomplete

so that you're not disturbed while typing.

Swipe a history item

to quickly delete it.

Tap the spinning activity indicator

on the title bar (not status bar) to stop page load.

Find in Page shows

the number of found elements beside the clear button

Select default mobilizer

such as Instagram, Google, in settings (Tools ‐ Settings ‐ Default Mobilizer)

Your previously used engine

is remembered so you don't need to select it again on startup.

Hold images

to save and hold links to open in safari, open in mobile view, etc.