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We've compiled a set of documentation for Flex Search for those who want to see the specifics of Flex Search inlcuding the version by version changelog, pro vs free comparison chart, frequently asked questions and more..

This section is also a great resource to consult as many of the questions you may have about the product can be found here.


Look back on the evolution of Flex Search. You can take a look at what has changed in the current version compared to previous versions and read the release notes for each. You can also come here to check what has changed in the latest update of Flex Search

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Pro vs Free

See a feature comparison matrix between what you get in the free version and the Pro Key unlocked version of Flex Search. You may purchase a Pro Key via in app purchase from the Flex Search app.

Note: This page does not show the complete set of Free version features, as it is only to illustrate the difference between Free and Pro. See "Features" for a complete set of features of the app as a whole.

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This is the Frequently Asked Questions page. This section is especially helpful to consult before sending a question related email via our support page. Of course you may still send emails to us regardless for clarification and we will happily respond. If a new FAQ pops up, we will add it to this section for everyone to benefit from.

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Want to know exactly which engines are currently supported, or the precise list of languages recognized by our voice recognition feature. A list of settings and what they do? This is the right section to look.

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Meta Data

Price: Free
iOS 6 Compatible
Version: 2.8
Last Updated: 12 Nov, 2012
Category: Business
Size: 2.5 MB
Language: English